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Yin Yoga docent

Reiki 1+ Yin Yoga {okt.2020, Manja Weijers, Ede]
Yin Yoga Assist [ febr. 2020 New Health Centre Sneek]
Bijscholing Yoga Nidra [ Diana Aben]

Yinyoga module 1+2 [New Health Centre Sneek]
RYT-200 Yoga and Energetics Teachertraining [Cat Kabira]
RYT-27 Rainbowkidsyogateachertraining [Ieva Wildlovebeamer]
Pre-teachertraining <De nieuwe yogaschool> [Johan Noorloos]
NLP-practitioner <Response Instituut> [ Milan Somers]

Special word to these amazing yogateachers:
To: Josie Sykes, for kicking the door open to my Yoga Practice and showing me Loving Kindness, Spaciousness, Nowness and introducing me to Bhakti-practices on Harmonium, which made me fall in love with this instrument and the practice of singing from the heart. And for holding space for me to remember the connection with my breath. And your everlasting encouragement.

To: Cat Kabira, for teaching me, how to feel the currents in my body, the energy flows,  for showing me how to teach a yogaclass, for your amazing teachings where the Bhagavad Gita really comes to life,  for the life changing experiences in Costa Rica, for staying with me in the darkest moments and at the edges of my innerlight. For rejoicing the joy inside! And for holding space for me to remember "I've got this, I am whole."


Gecertificeerd yogadocent 200 RYT

Gecertificeerd Yogadocent

Yinyoga Panningen Limburg

Yin Yoga opleiding BIVAG

Yin yoga Panningen Limburg

Rainbowkids Yogadocent